Cold Chain Insulated Cooler Box ( 48L) For Vaccine and Food Transportation


Material structure:

* Polypropylene hollow sheet + PUV + aluminum film Woven Roving
* Honeycomb + PUV + aluminum film Woven Roving


Outer size: 455*455*455mm  Inner size: 365*365*365mm 48L

Product Performance
  • Good heat preservation performance: heat preservation time can reach more than 120h at most.
  • High cost performance: under the same heat preservation requirements, the amount of cold storage agent is small.
  • Good strength: after falling and vibration tests, it is resistant to collision.
  • Energy conservation and environmental protection: it can be repaired and recycled, and is environment-friendly and pollution-free.

Use environment: [-30℃ ~ 50℃]]

Heat preservation time: 24~120h or more

Canvas bag

Application Field
  • Cold chain storage and transportation of medicine, sea food, vegetable and food, etc.